Dr Alison Goodyear

Artist, independent researcher and educator


In this session Alison Goodyear discusses how her painting practice has evolved to include working with digital technologies including virtual reality. After losing her physical studio space of 10 years, Goodyear reflects on how her virtual studio is working as a replacement and what these kinds of developments might mean for the future of her practice and that of her fellow practitioners.

Speaker Bio

Alison Goodyear is an artist, independent researcher and educator who works within an expanded understanding of the pain6ng tradition. Goodyear uses physical and digital media to create experimental abstract works that test what it is we understand as painting today and what that might mean for both the artist/maker/producer and the viewer/participant/contributor. Goodyear’s painting practice involves working with physical and virtual paint, installation, moving image film, virtual reality encounters, games engines, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and more recently, sound.

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