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It’s a year into the pandemic and although hope is on the horizon, teams will continue to work remotely. How can we use tools, approaches, and methodologies to make a team feel like a team in the pandemic?

Using examples drawn from FutureGov’s extensive work with local authorities, central government, and the third sector, this interactive workshop will explain how to establish a multidisciplinary team, how to use agile project management approaches to unify and guide a team, how to identify what tools and approaches are best suited for your team’s needs, and how to use them to support your team in working well.

In this workshop, attendees will learn about approaches and methodologies that create a more unified, effective team. They will also learn about the basics of agile project management, and how it can be used by teams working remotely. Attendees will also receive an introduction to some of our favourite online tools and approaches such as Zoom and Google Meet, Miro, Slack, and more. This workshop is aimed at anyone leading or a part of a digital team who’s looking to be more effective in the way they work, and those interested in learning about digital tools and approaches but don’t know where to begin.

Speaker bio

Eva O’Brien is the Head of Delivery Management at FutureGov. She has spent the last decade working with local authorities, central governments, and the third sector to improve public services in the United Kingdom, Canada, and across Europe. She also specialises in deliberative democratic approaches and has designed and delivered dozens of citizens’ assemblies.

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