Ken Punter

Lecturer in Digital Marketing, University of Northampton and Director, Oppidium Ltd

  • James Cushing – City Manager at CityFibre
  • Cllr André González De Savage CEO British Enterprise Partnership Chairman Adrenaline Alley
  • Clare Elsby, Co-founder Elsby & Co, FSB Regional Policy Lead for East Midlands at Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)


A goal of Digital Northampton is to create an environment where digital & technology businesses, initiatives and activities can thrive and grow. Effective funding is crucial to delivering this.

The panel explains what this is and how it works. They’ll talk about existing funding channels and areas that could be tapped in to. They’ll also talk about the critical success factors needed for investment to happen.

Finally they explain how can organisations and individuals in the county can help create a positive environment to encourage and grow investment for digital and tech, in the town and county.

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James Cushing

James is currently leading the CityFibre rollout of Fibre broadband in the area and has previously led the Government’s national £200m Local Full Fibre network program. James’s background has been in Economic development, working in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire and previously being Chairman of the Chief Economic development Officers Society, representing local economic development organisations nationally.

Clare Elsby

Clare Elsby is Co-Founder of Elsby & Co, a firm of accountants and business advisors in Northamptonshire. Clare has a wide range of commercial experience in that she can understand and relate to the issues faced by business owners on a day to day basis.

Clare was until recently the elected Area Lead for Northamptonshire, Rutland and Leicestershire for the Federation of Small Businesses. She has recently been appointed to the FSB’s English Policy Unit representing the East Midlands region. The East Midlands is home to 12,900 FSB members and a strategically important region as covered by three LEP’s, with a population of more than 4.7 million people and an economic output of over £98bn. She also has to work with 45 local authorities and 46 members of Parliament!

Clare is passionate about small and medium sized businesses, which are the backbone of the UK economy and is determined to see them recognized at the heart of government policy and in the local regions. The FSB, she believes, has the voice to make this happen.”

André de Savage

Andre is an enthusiastic and committed advocate of economic development and community benefit initiatives, having the ability to align local priorities with regional and national policy. Highly personable and collegiate in approach, Andre inspires confidence and a team ethos in his daily dealings with people.

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