Jason Wilsher-Mills

Artist – www.jwmartist.co.uk


I will detail how my initial ‘love/hate’ relationship with technology, as a means to making art, grew from being highly mistrustful of it, because I had been trained as a ‘traditional’ easel painter, and saw the move to digital as being a betrayal of the ‘craft’, to the point where I have truly embraced the pixel.

This change of heart came from a pragmatic decision I took, which was a response to my disability and not being able to make the art that I wanted to make, because of the limitations ‘traditional’ art making methods posed to a disabled person. Embracing the pixel enable me to make art in new ways, and afforded me a scope of ambition that I could only dream of as an easel painter.

Speaker Bio

I was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in 1969. I am a disabled artist, who although traditionally trained as an oil painter, learned to embrace the pixel when I became disabled. This meant that the adoption of digital apparatus, as a tool for making art, was a pragmatic resolution to me not being able to make large work, as I had when able bodied.

In recent years I have focused on using digital painting, using technology such as iPads and Wacom tablets. The use of these technologies in place of the more traditional artistic mediums came about through the convenience and accessibility of tablets which allow me to produce large scale, detailed paintings despite the physical challenges presented by my disability.

The themes of my work lies somewhere between the British comic, ‘The Beano’ and the film, ‘I, Daniel Blake’ in that I deal with aspects of disability, relating to the benefits system & biographical ‘snapshots’, using humour and influences from popular culture and working class northern culture.

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